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Getting Started

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Getting Started

Post by ZephyrDark on Sun Jul 26, 2009 10:50 pm


So, you're a new user? You've come to the right place! Here you will learn how to access our servers, how to register, gain respected status, and more.

First off, we are a gaming community who plays the Half-Life 2 Modification called, Garry's Mod. You can buy Garry's Mod at and you will need to download Steam in order to buy this game (which can be downloaded from the previous link). We suggest players buy as many Source games as their budget can handle, but we normally run Portal, HL2, HL2:Ep. 2, and Team Fortress 2. You can purchase all of these games at the Steam Store. Note: You do NOT need all of these games to play on our server, it will just reduce the instances of errors you encounter.
Another heads up for those who are unexperienced with GMod. An error, as stated in the orange earlier, is a model replacement that the game produces when you do not have the correct add-on or model. The error is literally a big red ERROR and when you are missing a texture, it will be replaced with a purple and black checkerboard look.

Accessing Our Servers

This is the easy part my friend. In order to easily find our server you must go into your favorites, click the "Add a Server" button and enter in as the IP address,
, now click the find games at this address. You should see two servers, add both of them. Now, that was easy enough that a cavem... well better not anger anyone or ripoff a GIECO commercial.

How to Register

Another very simple task for you to do that you are a new user. Up at the top of the page we have our fancy logo (Courtesy of our own Admin, Xifex), and underneath that is a bunch of words. You will see one that says Register. Click that, fill out the information, shouldn't take two minutes. And...PRESTO you are now registered member of our community. Try to take the next few minutes to let the eliteness feeling wear off and to fill out your profile.

Earning Respected Status

Alright Private! Stand up straight, straighten that uniform, and shut your your mouth!!! Haha, just joking around with yeah newbie. This section will explain how you will earn respected status on our forums and on our servers.

On the Forum and Server:
This is basic, just be active enough on either the server and/or the forums, help people, be friendly (no not that friendly) to everyone, and then you can either ask an Admin for it or we as admins will grant you the ranking upgrade.

Preparing for our Servers

Alright. You're registered, you can see our servers on the list, you've relieved yourself and have prepared food and eyedrops for the next 18 hours of nonstop gaming on our server. You now need to prepare you Garry's Mod so that you can properly play on Ericko's Servers. The main mods you will need are the PHX3 SVN and the WireMod SVN. For more in depth information go to here.

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